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Canon Printers need no introduction as they are top-of-the-line and performance-oriented devices. Furthermore, they provide top-notch printing results, catering to the best printing solutions for contemporary consumer demands. Additionally, the Canon Printer Setup is also straightforward. By visiting, users can get the latest Canon printer drivers and setup instructions. Moreover, to make the setup more accessible, you can follow the below guidelines for almost every OS version of your system. 

However, before starting, ensure that you check all the prerequisites mentioned below-mentioned for a successful printer setup:


             Ink tanks

            Installation CD

          Power adapter

          Easy setup guide

You can proceed with the printer setup process if you are certain that all of these components are present and appear to be free of physical damage. If not, we strongly advise you to request a replacement right away. Furthermore, thoroughly check the printer device and ink tank for any damage. Also, ensure that you have enough power supply throughout the setup process.  

Primary Setup

First, take the printer package apart to reveal the essential connection accessories, including the printer, print head, power cord, disk tray, matte photo paper, ink cartridges, and driver installation CD. To put it simply, you first have to unpack the printer completely. For that, follow the below suggestions: 

  • First, check the gaps inside the tray and remove any tapes and wrappings from the printer’s components.
  • Always opt for the original printer accessories to connect and obtain the desired results. Using random and damaged attachments increases the likelihood of functional problems.
  • Now, take the power cord and attach one end to the backside printer port and the other to the wall outlet.
  • Press the power button to turn on the printer, which is located on the control panel.
  • With or without a touchscreen control panel, the mode of activation is the same for all printer types, and the setup procedures are the same for both.

Secondary Setup

This section covers the secondary stage to proceed with the Canon printer setup:

  • First, place the print head in the slot after raising the print head lock lever.
  • After that, pry the orange seal on the ink cartridges and gently place them in their respective slots.
  • Adjust the width guides after removing the paper input tray, then place the paper stack into the tray. Printer Driver Installation Printer Driver

The Canon printer drivers are crucial for best printing outcomes and enabling a connection between your printer and computer. With the printer package, you’ll receive an installation CD. Start the installation process by using a CD. Alternatively, you can visit to download the drive online.

  • To begin with, head to website in your web browser and type the name and model number of your printer.
  • Note: Ensure to find the printer’s website and download the appropriate driver software for it.
  • Next, complete the basic stages, such as choosing the connectivity mode, residence, etc., by extracting the files and installing the driver on your system.
  • Following that, accept the terms and conditions, then connect your printer using a USB cable or wireless connection to detect it.
  • Note: Connect using the USB cord if you are having any issues getting your printer to show up on the computer.
  • Adjust the alignment settings as necessary, then select the print test page option to obtain a sample print and to ensure the setup is successful. 

While preparing for the setup, ensure to connect your printer and computer to the same internet network/access point in order to enable the wireless connection. Furthermore, to scan for and choose the network name, choose the wireless connection and click the network option.

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